Enjoy a signature scented Coco-Apricot wax candle, hand-poured by Dondria. This scent is inspired by Dondria's song, Let It Be. Use this candle to help aid you with embracing what is meant to be and releasing whatever is not.

Let It Be Signature Scent Candle

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    • Make sure your candle is trimmed at 1/8" before lighting. A wick trimmer is best to trim our wooden wick candles.
    • Your first burn should last a good 2-3 hours (depending on the size) so there is an even layer of hot wax spanning the entire surface. Without allowing the wax an even layer you will start to see uneven surfaces that will cut the lifespan of your candle.

    • Don’t blow out candles. Either use a snuffer or lid. Simply cover the candle and let is turn off on its own. Blowing out candles causes the wax to become uneven.